Q. 『forgiveness』の最後の英語の部分は?
War and destruction
Crime and desire
But I wanted only keep my love
Every cardinal sins
Every immoral deeds
But I was holding on for my love
Q. 『BRILLANTE』の最後の英語の部分は?
eu bella
purienza lo magio
Q. 『Happening Here』英語ラップの部分は?
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome one and all
Leave your keys with the valet
And leave your inhibitions at the door
There's a room for every pleasure
There's a room for all your pain
Don't matter if you're
rich poor boy girl straight gay
It's time to play
Just one night for this adventure
Let your body spin around
If you surrender to desire
Then you can own the dance floor
Break it down
Party's going on till dawn
We be servin' on the lawn
Got the wine flowin' free
And a room for you and me
Give it up for the Queen
Ayumi hamasaki
In our Hotel Love Songs tonite
Q. ayuライブアンコール中に、踊るAマークと共に会場に流れる"あーゆ・ああ・あーゆ"という曲は?
『SEASONS "H-H remix"』
シングル『NEVER EVER』の3曲目に収録
Q. 『July 1st』(7月1日の意味は?)